Major General Plan Amendment Applications 2015

The Litchfield Park General Plan is a guiding document that identifies community goals and designates the proposed distribution, location, and extent of land uses within the City’s planning area. The goals of the General Plan are to maintain, improve, and protect the highly desirable physical and social living environment of Litchfield Park.

Proposals for development that require a rezoning are guided by the General Plan land use designation for the property under consideration. Amendments to the General Plan are possible through an application and are generally driven by a property owner or developer's desire to change the land use designation of their property. The Arizona State Statute defines a Major General Plan Amendment as a proposal which results in a substantial alteration of the municipality’s land use mixture or balance, as established in the municipality’s General Plan land use element.

The City’s Review Process is a lengthy one and provides numerous opportunities for the public to comment. The GPA review process includes a formal public hearing held by the Planning and Zoning Commission and a recommendation to City Council. City Council may act on the applications at its November or December Council meeting. A processing schedule, noting tentative meeting dates is available and has been posted on the City’s web site.

Along with the opportunity to comment through public meetings and the City’s web page, the City also provides an electronic comment option to its residents through the City’s web site. All comment submittals must include the name, address and email address of the writer; with the option to provide phone contact information for further communication. Incomplete comment submittals will be disregarded.

The proposed amendments to the Litchfield Park General Plan may have significant impacts to the community; perhaps positive or negative. The GPA review process, although somewhat complicated, is designed to involve the residents and agencies which may be impacted by the proposed changes. It is an open and transparent process, which is well defined by State law, as well as the City’s General Plan, Codes, and procedures. Please be assured that each voice will be heard and that the process will include a full and complete review of each application; including its impacts upon the community.

Thank you for your interest in the City of Litchfield Park and thank you in advance for your interest and participation in the Major General Plan Amendment process.

Citizens are welcome to submit comments via the Comment Form: Comment Form

2015 Major General Plan Amendment Applications:
GPA 15-01
GPA 15-02