Refuse & Recycling

Effective July 1, 2023, the City of Litchfield Park will begin its new contract with WM (formerly Waste Management) for refuse/recycling services. This is the first agreement since 2016 and there are many changes. 

By law, all city residents must use the city-contracted provider (WM). Commercial businesses must have a contracted provider but can select their own provider. The city included commercial businesses in our Request for Proposal (RFP), so they may use our rates as part of their contract, should they choose to use WM. 

Beginning July 1, 2023, residential refuse customers will pay the following rates: $24.83 (per-month) for rolling-can customers or $44.93 (per-month) for in-ground customers. Rolling-can customers will see a rate decrease from current rates, while in-ground customers will see a rate increase from current rates. 

Manual emptying of in-ground cans takes three times the amount of time to service versus the automated emptying of rolling-cans. The in-ground customer rates will now reflect the additional time and labor charges associated with servicing them. Customers choosing to switch from in-ground to rolling-cans will be provided with new containers free of charge from WM upon request. Customers may also choose to have two refuse containers instead of one refuse and one recycle. WM will swap recycling containers for an additional trash container at no cost. WM will continue to provide twice a week garbage service and once a week recycling service on the current collection schedule. 

All rolling-can customers must use WM-provided containers, either 96 gallon or 65 gallon wheeled cans. Either size is the same price monthly. Other size cans or individually owned cans will not be serviced. (This does not apply to in-ground customers.) Citizens may request additional refuse or recycling cans for an additional fee through WM. 

Bulk pickup will change to (six) 6 times per year, upon customer request.  Items include: yard and tree clippings less than 4’ in length bundled; furniture; box springs; mattresses; carpet cut into 4’ strips; appliances (FREON MUST BE REMOVED); and, other similar items. NO tires, liquids, paint, batteries, pesticides or 55-gallon drums will be accepted.

WM will send additional information including contact information for requesting a change from in-ground or personal rolling-cans and instructions for scheduling bulk pickup in mid-June. For questions on the city refuse contract, please email Allison at or contact City Hall at 623-935-5033.

WM Citizen Letter


City Ordinance-Health and Sanitation

Recycle Often Recycle Right.png

Waste Management's first ever comprehensive recycling education and outreach campaign targeted at consumers, educators, cities and community members is now available and at your disposal. We are excited to share this with you as we believe Recycle Often. Recycle Right.SM campaign -- or RORR for short -- can be a catalyst to educate, inspire and change consumer behavior and reduce contamination. 

 Service Map

View and/or print the service map for Litchfield Park resident refuse and recycling.

Blue: trash pick up on Monday and Thursday; recycling pick up Thursday

Green: trash pick up on Tuesday and Friday; recycling pick up Tuesday

Red:  trash pick up on Monday and Thursday; recycling pick up on Monday

Holiday Collection Schedule

View and/or print the Calendar with Service Holiday Schedule for Litchfield Park resident refuse and recycling.

 Bulk Trash Pick Up Schedule
View and/or print the Bulk Trash Pickup Schedule for Litchfield Park residents.

Live Tree Recycling

The City provides an annual live Christmas tree recycling drop off location in the parking lot west of City Hall. Residents can drop off their live trees the first Saturday in January in the designated area. Please call 623-935-5033 for additional details.