Handbills Register List

Ordinance 99-50

Section 8-3-6 of the ordinance states:

"It shall be unlawful for any person to distribute, deposit, place, throw, scatter or cast any handbill upon any premises at an address officially registered with the City Clerk for the purposes of avoiding the same, unless such person demonstrates to the city clerk that: (i) good faith efforts have been made to comply with the requirements of this section and that (ii) the person, its employees or agents has made no more than three (3) erroneous deliveries to the same premises within a six (6) month period. A delivery will not be counted as "erroneous" if the delivery was made to an address newly-added to the registry, and less than ten (10) days have passed since the updated registry was mailed by the City Clerk to the person who made the delivery."

Request to Stop the Delivery of Handbills and Uninvited Newspapers

In accordance with the ordinance the City provides residents with the opportunity to be officially registered to stop delivery of handbills and uninvited newspapers. Follow the directions stipulated on the form to become officially registered. The registration will automatically expire on January 31st of each year. Applicants must re-register, in writing, to the City Clerk within 30 days prior to the expiration date.
Request to Stop Delivery of Handbills and Uninvited Newspapers

Handbill Distribution

  • A Notice to Distribute is required to distribute handbills.
  • No fee is affiliated with the application process.
  • Notice to Distribute applications are available at the front desk at City Hall, 214 W. Wigwam Blvd., Litchfield Park.
  • Notices to Distribute are issued on-site at the time of application. Applicants should come prepared with the names, addresses and vehicle information of all persons distributing handbills and a complete copy of the handbill being distributed.
  • Applicants will be supplied with a City registry of residents and property owners who, by affidavit, have requested not to receive commercial handbills.