Boating Permit

Watercraft Regulations

The use of watercraft on and fishing in the Tierra Verde Lake Park is permitted in accordance with ordinance 99-47:

  • Boating is restricted to residents of the City.
  • A maximum of 2 watercraft per family is permitted
  • All watercraft must register with the Parks and Recreation Department
  • A copy of the insurance policy verifying insurance on the watercraft must be registered with the Parks and Recreation Department
  • Floats, inner tubes, sailboards, and catamarans are prohibited
  • No watercraft with internal combustion engines are permitted except those operated by the City
  • No watercraft longer than 18 feet shall be permitted; sailboats shall not exceed 14 feet
  • Coast guard approved life preservers for each crew member and passenger shall be kept on board each boat, ready at hand.
  • Children under 8 years of age and non-swimmers must wear life preservers while boating
  • Watercraft owners and operators must maintain personal and public liability insurance covering water and boating hazards
  • Except for boats operated by the City or boats participating in City approved events, no boats may be operated after dark
  • No refuse shall be thrown in the lake or left on the shore; all refuse should be disposed of in a trash receptacle or removed