Mayor & Council

City Council 2023

Message from the Mayor 

As the Mayor of Litchfield Park, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our community on behalf of the entire City Council and the City Staff. We are proud that Litchfield Park has a long history of providing its residents and visitors with a family-oriented, pedestrian-friendly lifestyle which revolves around our neighborhoods and various recreational opportunities. Our website will inform you about Litchfield Park’s history, our City’s government and Staff, various City services, community activities and recreational resources. You will also find contact information for various persons who can provide more detail on any of these areas.

Our City Council and Staff are working to make our already fantastic and unique community even better. Life in Litchfield Park includes adult and youth sports activities, the annual Halloween Carnival, weekend concerts on the front lawn of the Wigwam, Christmas in the Park activities, backyard barbecues, the Arts Festival, a variety of firework displays, sunrises and sunsets, walks by the lake, sets of tennis and rounds of golf, all shared with family and friends.

We are working on many future projects including repair and, in some cases, changes to our roads; improving our police and emergency services; reviewing our recreation programs to ensure that we continue to provide quality recreational activities for our citizens in a financially sustainable Recreation Services Department; and aligning our budget for the long-term support of Life in Litchfield Park so that we continue to bolster our family centered lifestyle.

If you would like to visit with me about Litchfield Park, you can reach me at City Hall, 623-935-5033, or you may email me.

Thomas L. Schoaf, Mayor