Court Appearances

Court appearances are held on Wednesday afternoons beginning at 1:30 p.m. Please appear at the following location:

 Avondale City Court
11325 W. Civic Center Drive
Avondale AZ 85323

If you have a civil traffic citation/ticket and wish to take care of your citation without appearing in court, you may appear in person at 214 West Wigwam Boulevard or you may call the court at 623-935-7091. If you wish to contest a Civil Traffic Citation, you must submit your plea of not responsible in writing by mail, by e-mail (, by fax (623) 535-1831, or by appearing on your arraignment/court date.  If entering a plea of not responsible by mail, fax, or e-mail please include your current address and telephone number. (See page 4 of the pink bond card you received.) The Court will contact you for a future court date.

If you are NOT scheduled for a court appearance but have an active or pending case and wish to see a judge, you must call the Court and appear when the Court Staff provides you with a date.  Do not appear prior to notifying the Court Staff.

All criminal violations require a mandatory court appearance.  Make sure you appear on the date written on your citation/ticket.  If you appear at the Avondale City Court on a day other than your scheduled court date, assistance will not be available.  Avondale City Court staff does not have information pertaining to Litchfield Park citations.

Please do not mail or fax any documentation to the Avondale City Court; doing so may cause delays to your case and possible warrants, defaults, or collections.