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2022 Gingerbread House Contest

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  2. Get into the Christmas Spirit by participating in Litchfield Park’s Gingerbread House Contest!
  3. Entries are due by 9am on Saturday, December 10, 2022.

    Bring entries to the Gingerbread Booth in Memorial Park (101 E Wigwam Blvd.). The booth will be near the Gazebo where children visit with Santa during Christmas in the Park. 

  4. People's Choice!

    Gingerbread Houses will be on display at the Gingerbread Booth in Memorial Park during our Christmas in the Park event. The public will vote for their favorite Gingerbread Houses between 10am and 2pm. Winners will be announced at 3pm. Prizes will be awarded to the Gingerbread Houses that receive the most votes in each category. 

  5. Gingerbread House Contest Rules
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    By submitting your entry form, you agree to abide by the rules that accompany this entry form as set forth by the City of Litchfield Park. By signing the application you are acknowledging that you have read and fully agree to be bound by the guidelines and rules of this event. Violation of the rules may result in your entry being disqualified. You also grant full permission to the event organizers and/or agents authorized by them, to use any photographs, videotapes, recordings, or any other record of the event for promotion of City events, including its use in City website, newsletters, and social media.

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