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2024 Litchfield Park Gathering Artist Application

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  2. Contact Information
  3. I will show work in the following areas:*
  4. Did you participate in last year's festival?*
  5. Supporting Artwork
    If you answered "yes" above, you are not required to submit recent photographs of your artwork, but it is recommended. If the jury prefers to evaluate new images, but you have not provided any with your application, you will be contacted. Please select one of the options below. If you answered "no" above, or are seeking approval of a new art form, you must submit recent photographs of your artwork for jury review before being accepted into the show.
  6. Choose an option:
  7. Upload 3 - 4 high quality images of your artwork here. Accepted file formats: .jpg or .png
  8. Application Fee

    A $25.00 non-refundable processing fee is included as part of your total booth fee. Our Special Events Staff will contact you for payment after receipt of your application.

  9. Litchfield Park Gathering 2024 - Reference Map
  10. Choose an option:*

    The City of Litchfield Park will not be renting out tables and chairs for artist/vendor use. All festival participants are required to bring their own clean WHITE canopy, tables, and chairs.

  12. Each artist sharing a space must be selected into the show on his or her merit. If accepted into the Litchfield Park Gathering, Special Events Staff will contact you to arrange payment. Location, sizes, and space not guaranteed.

  13. Booth Sharing (if applicable)
    Fill out the following information if you will be sharing your booth with another artist.
  14. The other artist is:
  15. Non-collaborating artists who share a space must submit their own separate applications and $25 processing fee.
  16. Payment Information
  17. To pay your application or booth fee by credit/debit card, please call 623-935-9040.
  18. Please be advised that City & State law requires that you obtain a current State of Arizona transaction privilege tax license prior to participating in an event within the City limits. Information about the requirements of doing business in Arizona can be obtained from the Arizona Department of Revenue at 1-800-634-6494 or at

  19. To submit a fee payment by Money Order or check, please mail to:
    Mailing address
  20. If accepted into the festival, your booth fees must be paid in full by December 31, 2023. After December 31, 2023, you will forfeit your space if other arrangements have not been made. NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED AFTER THIS DATE.
  21. I understand and agree to abide by the terms set forth in the following:

    *2024 Artist Application

    *Artwork Regulations and Standards

    I also understand that any attempt to circumvent or not adhere to these terms, regulations, and standards may result in my dismissal from the festival without refund.

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