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Partnership Opportunities Inquiry Form

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    The programs and services provided by our Community and Recreation Services Department are a strong component of the high quality of life that our community members enjoy. We recognize that businesses and organizations greatly contribute to our community’s quality of life. Whether it is through employment opportunities, positive economic impact, or charitable endeavors, community partners make a difference in Litchfield Park. Our goal is to foster lasting relationships with our partners.
  3. Please help us to continue to provide the programs and services that our community appreciates and expects from the City of Litchfield Park. In return, we will provide you with unique ways to market your business or organization and to directly reach your target audience all year long. We offer a variety of opportunities to meet your needs and budget. Examples include: advertising in our quarterly Cityline newsletter, hanging a banner at our pool or one of our sports fields, and sponsoring an area or activity at one of our community or special events.
    If you need immediate assistance, please call our office at 623-935-9040.
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    Select the Community and/or Recreation Services Department you are interested in partnering with. Once your form has been submitted, the Department Head will be in contact with you.
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