Water Aerobics

This class is offered June through August every year. The benefits of water aerobics are endless! Not only is it a fun way to accomplish your workout, exercising in the water, unlike land aerobics, reduces the stress on the joints, especially ankles, knees and hips. You can look forward to receiving an entire body workout, improving your strength and cardiovascular endurance as well as your flexibility and balance.

Bring a water bottle, towel, a release form from your doctor if you are pregnant, and a positive attitude! Optional items include aqua socks or water aerobic shoes and aqua gloves. 

Registration opens April 15, 2024
Activity NumberDatesDays
8501June 3 - 27M - W7pm - 7:45pm
8502July 1 - 24M - W
7pm - 7:45pm
8503August 5 - 28M - W
7pm - 7:45pm