Construction Progress

Construction of the Litchfield Square infrastructure began in July 2021. Since then, we have come a long way toward completing all the water, sewer, storm drain, electrical, telecommunications, gas, streets, lighting, and the other systems that are needed to support the development of this 26-acre mixed-use development project. While the streets will be completed in phases, all the utility systems for the entire site have been completed.

The infrastructure is being completed in phases, known as GMPs (Guaranteed Maximum Price). The City Council recently approved GMP 5, which includes the streets around the Park, extension of Village Parkway to Old Litchfield Road, and reconstruction of Honeysuckle Street in front of the existing businesses. GMP 5 also includes the event lawn in the south half of the Park. These improvements are currently underway. Our contractor is preparing their GMP 6 proposal, which will complete the remainder of the Park and the streets that connect to Wigwam Boulevard. It is anticipated that GMP 6 will be presented to the Council for approval during their meeting in August 2023. The overall schedule for completion of the infrastructure for the entire project is December 2024.

Landscaping, hardscaping, and other features, such as median lighting, are being completed for Village Parkway east of Litchfield Road. Landscaping will consist of a variety of trees, shrubs, and ground covers. Trees consist of fruitless olive, Arizona ash, and fan palms, with date palms provided at the intersections. Color-changing uplighting is being installed at each palm tree to allow a wide variety of static colors to be used as well as white, and, with programming, colors changing as desired for holidays and other special occasions. A video obtained during testing of the lights can be viewed by clicking on Litchfield Square Light Testing.

This extension of Village Parkway will be restricted to construction traffic only until the proposed development of Lot 3 is nearly complete and businesses are opening to the public (see Development Activity). The next phase of construction will include extending Village Parkway from Desert Avenue to Old Litchfield Road to complete that portion of the street network. Completion of the Village Parkway extension is planned to coincide with the opening of shops and restaurants on Lot 3.

Click on the links below for photos of construction progress.

Photos taken 6-6-23

Photos taken 6-16-23